Rachael on Clean Comedy and STFU

Top End Comedian Rachael featured in today’s NT News! Good on ya Rachael! Here’s a bit more detail about the ‘Clean Comedy’ event she will be headlining at The Happy Yess tonight! 


At Top End Comedy we’ve discussed for some time the challenges of doing “Clean Comedy”. Not always going for the shock factor of dropping swear words or a disgusting story to make punters laugh. Let’s face it, in the Northern Territory we barely bat an eyelid at that sort of behaviour anyway!

Some of us find clean comedy easier than others, not a challenge at all. Some of us find the whole concept positively terrifying! So the gauntlet was thrown down. We’d do Clean Night for our monthly Happy Yess night.

We introduced the concept of the Swear Jar to hold us accountable! But what to do with the proceeds? Donate them to charity of course, we’re wholesome and generous people after all!

So, why Soften The Fck Up? Why the Fck not?!

Soften The Fck up is a campaign that aims to raise awareness and increase conversations around men’s mental health. As Australians and Territorians we’re used to hearing “Harden the fck up, mate”. But mental health is no laughing matter, and we need to soften the fck up every now and then. We all struggle sometimes. We all need to be able to talk.

Top End Comedy are all about celebrating and supporting our community and that includes all of those men in it!

photo1Can’t be at Clean Night but would like to make a contribution to our fundraising efforts? You can do so by clicking here.

Click here for more info on STFU